What are the options?

Proceed with five Districts and change the boundaries based on 2020 Census data.

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1. What is the City's current form of government?
2. What is the City's current method of election?
3. Why is the City considering new Council Districts/redistricting?
4. What action has the City taken this year regarding redistricting?
5. What criteria will be used to determine potential District boundaries?
6. What is the lawsuit that everyone refer to regarding the number and method of election of Council Members?
7. Who decides the boundaries and numbers of Council Districts?
8. Who decides on the method for electing Council and the form of government (number and type of Council Members)?
9. What are the options?
10. How would the boundaries be changed?
11. What is the process to change the number of districts, method of electing, and/or the form of government (number and type of Council Members)?
12. When is the next election for Council Members? Is the election for at-large or district Members?
13. What are the next steps in the Redistricting process?