Emergency Communications Center (ECC)

The ECC is the telecommunications link between the citizens of Peoria and Peoria County, and its Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services. As part of the Peoria County 911 system, the ECC dispatches the Peoria Police Department, Peoria Fire Department, Peoria County Sheriff's Department, Chillicothe Fire and Police, Peoria Heights Fire and Police, Advanced Medical Transport, Peoria County's fire departments, and Peoria County's ambulance services.

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9-1-1 Call if You Can Text if You Cant - Text to 9-1-1 Available in Peoria County

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Code Red

The City and County of Peoria have implemented an Emergency Notification System. This is a high-speed notification system capable of notifying up to 50,000 citizens an hour of a important message. The system will deliver the message to telephones and leave a message, if necessary. It can also send a text message to a wireless phone. The system can make notifications to a certain geographical area or the entire County.

The system may be used for missing persons, evacuations, hazardous chemical spills, large fires, flooding, snow, hostage or police emergencies, or other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification to the public is essential.

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Premise Alert Program

The Premise Alert Program provides a method to alert first responders to the functional needs of individuals in their communities. The system is designed for anyone with a special need, health challenge, or disability who would like to inform first responders such as police, ambulance, and fire department personnel, of their needs. Fill out the form below with as much information as you would like to provide. Omitting any items will not affect the acceptance or processing of this enrollment form.

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Enhanced 911

Peoria County has had Enhanced 911 services since 1993. With Enhanced 911, the telephone account holder's information is transmitted to the 911 center. This information consists of the name, location of the phone, and the phone number. Callers cannot block the transmission of data using *67, the data is sent regardless of *67.

Wireless 911

Peoria County has Phase-2 wireless 911. Wireless phones that contain a Global Positioning System (GPS) chip can usually be located within 150 feet. 911 telecommunicators will still need to ask for an address. While the GPS can locate the telephone within 150 feet, it does not take altitude into account. It is very important to provide the 911 telecommunicators with the exact location for the request for service. While most GPS enabled phones offer the function to disable the GPS feature, that will not work when calling 9‑1‑1. Data and voice are being sent to the Emergency Communications Center when you call 911.

Text to 911

Emergency Text to 911 is now available in Peoria County. Text to 911 service is available for those individuals who cannot safely make a voice call to 911 in an emergency, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing.

VoIP 911

Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a non-traditional phone service that connects a telephone to a computer and is connected to a network via a broadband high-speed internet connection. There are many companies that provide VoIP telephone service. Enhanced 911 service may not be available from all VoIP providers. Please contact the ECC Manager at 309-494-8035 to arrange for a test call after your VoIP telephone service is connected. This will ensure that the correct 911 information is being relayed to telecommunicators should you have a need to call 911.