Legal Department

The Legal Department provides legal services to City of Peoria staff, elected officials, and boards and commissions to enable them to accomplish the goals and objectives established by the Peoria City Council. The Legal Department prosecutes ordinance violations in ordinance court. In addition, the Legal Department prosecutes other ordinance violations such as housing codes, liquor codes, and some environmental violations through administrative processes. The Legal Department drafts and/or reviews all proposed ordinances and resolutions, researches questions of law, procedure and policy, and represents the City in all forms of litigation in court or before administrative agencies, including appeals. The Legal Department also prepares or reviews real estate matters and contracts involving the City of Peoria. The Legal Department responds to questions from citizens or other governmental agencies and provides personnel and labor-related legal services to City of Peoria staff.

Please note: The City of Peoria Legal Department can not provide legal advice to citizens.

For assistance with legal representation contact one of these organizations.

Pending Demolitions

For non-emergency properties, the city seeks court authority to demolish, "dangerous" or "unsafe" buildings within the City of Peoria, as defined in Chapter 5 of the Code of the City of Peoria. In order to obtain court authority to demolish a building or structure, all owners, as well as persons or entities with a legal interest in the subject property, must be notified of the demolition proceeding. Only after all interested parties have been notified of the demolition lawsuit may the City obtain an order of demolition.

Any questions concerning your property in demolition court contact your inspector at Code Enforcement.

Foreclosure Registration


Ordinance No. 17,723

Any real property located within the City of Peoria, whether vacant or occupied, that is subject to an ongoing foreclosure action by the mortgagee or trustee, has been the subject of a foreclosure action by a mortgagee or trustee and a judgement has been entered, or has been the subject of a foreclosure sale where the title was transferred to the beneficiary of a mortgage involved in the foreclosure and any properties transferred under a deed in lieu of foreclosure/sale must be registered with the City of Peoria on a semi-annual basis.  A registration fee of $300.00 will be assessed.


A complete copy of the Foreclosure Registration Ordinance and its requirements can be found here:


Please contact the Accounts Receivable Department for Registration Forms or Further Information:

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419 Fulton Street
Room 111
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Phone: 309-494-8588