My car was towed or impounded by the police. What do I need to do to get it back?
  1. The person picking up the vehicle should contact the Peoria Police Information Office at 309-494-8301 to acquire information about any impoundment fees and where the vehicle is being held. In addition to an impound fee, the vehicle may be subject to separate towing charges. Towing and storage charges are assessed for vehicles removed by the City using one of the contacted tow companies from a rotation list. Towing charges can include: the initial tow, a tow lot charge if the business is already closed and storage fees. Storage fees begin 24 hours after the vehicle is brought to the impound lot.
  2. The person picking up the vehicle must have a valid driver's license and must have valid proof of ownership in their possession.
  3. Valid proof of insurance for the vehicle to be picked up or, in cases where the vehicle will be towed, proof that the towed vehicle is properly insured will be required before the vehicle will be released.
  4. If the vehicle was the target of a police investigation, a release memo from the assigned investigator (detective) must be sent to the Information Office.
  5. If your vehicle is a recovered stolen auto, the vehicle must be removed and cleared from NCIC by an assigned investigator before the vehicle can be released.
  6. You must have valid identification with you when you come to pick up the vehicle. The only identification accepted is a picture driver's license or a state-issued picture non-drivers identification card.

For additional information:

Impound Information (PDF)

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