What are the harmful effects?

Raw sewage in the river is a health hazard, hurts our environment, and harms efforts to revitalize the Peoria Riverfront. Raw sewage carries bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens. Other pollutants typically found in sewer overflows include oxygen-depleting substances, suspended solids, toxic substances, nutrients, trash, and debris. According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, full-body contact recreation (swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, etc.) is impaired due to bacteria contamination.

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1. Why does raw sewage overflow into the Illinois River during wet weather?
2. Why were our sewers built this way?
3. What are the harmful effects?
4. Has Peoria done anything in the past to reduce overflows?
5. Why do we have to do even more?
6. How are we proposing to reduce overflows now?
7. When will a decision be made whether we can move forward?
8. How will we pay for it?
9. What happens if we don't fix the problem?
10. Why should all Peorians care about this, no matter where we live?