Riverfront Plan

Over the last several years, the City has been focused on making Downtown, the Riverfront and the Warehouse District more vibrant. The City's Strategic Plan underscores this effort by making a "Vibrant Downtown" one of the City's four goals. 

On April 14, 2019, a planning charrette was held to reinvigorate this visioning effort. The planning exercise allowed citizens to share thoughts and ideas and explore land use, access, transportation and parking in the larger downtown area which may affect the riverfront. On August 1, 2019, the City's consultant, TERRA Engineering, presented the conceptual ideas received from stakeholders and the public. The Community Development Department is positioning this planning effort for City Council adoption in 2023. 

Natural Systems Concept

This concept is ecologically focused in its forms and functions. Understanding the flood plain of the river and planning for inevitable flooding events is critical. This plan has the least amount of parking of the concepts. The flowing form is inspired by the Illinois River. Terraced walls mixed with natural edge treatments and riparian planting bring the forms of the river to shapes of the spaces and activities of the park. Some of the amenities of the plan are a permanent concert structure, market area that doubles as parking, sports courts, and a kayak launch. (View a higher resolution image [TIFF].)

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Active Recreation Concept

This concept uses the proposed active amenities to drive the direction of the plan. The form is inspired by the historic Peoria Rail System. This plan proposes sports courts as well as water interactive terrace seating and dynamic boardwalks. This plan has 1/2 - 3/4 the amount of current parking and the idea is that the parking would be developed in a resilient green design, through ecological systems that function to infiltrate and filter water while providing a shaded cooling parking lot. (View a higher resolution image [TIFF].)

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Economic Growth Concept

The economic growth and revenue-generating amenities give this concept its form and direction. This concept maintains the most existing parking of the early concepts. This plan offers the addition of barges that ultimately extend the park out into the river activating the riverfront with vendors and interesting river interacting spaces. The form is inspired by the Peoria City Street Grid. (View a higher resolution image [TIFF].)

Economic Growth Plan (TIFF)