Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch SignNeighborhood Watch in Peoria is a collaboration between residents, businesses and the Police Department. It is an effective tool to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The path to becoming an established neighborhood watch in Peoria typically begins with a small step by a resident who calls the City to inquire about how to address or prevent nuisance, blight and crime. After receiving an application, the resident and a partner go door to door to enlist the support of their neighbors. After the application has been completed, a "kick off" is held in a front yard, or on a driveway. The kick off is a 30-minute ceremony to recognize the successful completion of the neighborhood watch application process. A City Council representative, a neighborhood police patrol officer, and City staff, also participate with the residents. Neighborhood Watch handbooks and stickers are distributed, and the kick off concludes with a presentation of a neighborhood watch certificate and a group photo. Prior to the kick off, the Public Works Department will post neighborhood watch signs.(A picture of the sign is posted on this page.)

Neighborhood Watch encourages residents to meet their neighbors, which builds the trust and confidence necessary to confront suspicious persons, and to report nuisance, blight and crime. For more information contact Sgt. Christopher White at 309-494-8207.

Neighborhood Watch Application (PDF)