Mailbox Damage

Mailboxes are occasionally damaged during snow removal operations. When possible, the mailbox will be put back in place. Otherwise, City staff will install a replacement box at the earliest possible time. In some cases, a temporary mailbox may be warranted until conditions allow proper and permanent repairs to be made.

Following the United States, Postal Service guidelines will minimize mailbox damage. These guidelines state the front (face) of the mailbox may not extend beyond the back of the curb or overhang the curb or street. A 6-inch setback measured from the back of the curb to the front of the mailbox is recommended. However, the front (face) of the mailbox should not be greater than 6 inches from the back of the curb. Mailbox height should be between 36 inches to 42 inches measured from the bottom of the mailbox to street pavement level. If a mailbox is on a curve or cul-de-sac, it should be before and as close to the edge of the driveway as possible. The approach to a mailbox should be kept clear 10 feet in each direction. Additionally, the address and/or any lettering should be on the mailbox facing the delivery side. Mailboxes should be kept in a good state of repair to resist wind and flying snow from the plow blades.

For more information or to report mailbox damage, call 309-494-8800.