Maggie Martino

Maggie Martino 

Illinois River Fog



Maggie started doing artwork many years ago as a counter-balance to her more structured career. She loves the challenges, imperfections, and sometimes randomness of the medium. Watercolors taught her to relax, relinquish control, and have fun! She has no formal training in art but has always been fascinated by the colors and patterns of nature, the interplay of light and shadow, and the rhythms of lines and curves.

Maggie is now retired and is sharing her passion through teaching and participation in local arts organizations.

Artist Statement 

'Illinois River Fog' is an original watercolor depicting a scene along Galena Road. It shows the juxtaposition of the remains of an old wooden wharf with the modern steel Murray Baker Bridge in the background fog. (Unfortunately, the attached photo doesn't do the painting justice.)I have lived in Peoria since I moved to central Illinois 45 years ago. I worked for the City in the 1990s and have always cared about both the past and the future of our municipality. The painting won Best of Show in the 2021 Peoria Historical Society Rennick 'History Thru Art' show.

Painting of Sticks in River With a Bridge Enveloped in Fog in the Background