Patrick Wilmington

Patrick Wilmington


Service Information Developer, Caterpillar Inc.; Owner, the Wilmington Group, LLC


Occupation: Mr. Wilmington’s background in diesel mechanics is an advantage for his job as service information developer at Caterpillar Inc. He writes technical service manuals on safely assembling and taking apart Caterpillar products. He founded Wilmington Group LLC, which has grown from a landscaping business to a property management company that makes affordable homes available by buying, rehabilitating and renting housing throughout Peoria.


Community Involvement: He shares his skills by mentoring young people and ex-offenders. He plans to expand an internship program he developed to teach high school students about technical opportunities at Caterpillar. The program, designed to prepare Peoria Public Schools’ students for Caterpillar’s Think Big training program at Illinois Central College, began in 2023 with two students at Manual Academy.  He works with ex-offenders based at Peoria Adult Transition Center on landscaping and community clean-up projects and coaches basketball at the YMCA. He serves on Peoria’s Community Development Block Grant Public Services Advisory Commission and Peoria Park District’s Riverfront Program and Policy Advisory Committee.


Education: Technical certification, diesel mechanics, Carl Sandburg College;  Bachelor of Arts, education, Roosevelt University (Franklin Honor Society).


Three things he’s passionate about: Youth, education and sharing God’s love for everyone.


Three favorite hobbies: Riding his motorcycle, swimming, and taking long vacations to foreign destinations.


Career Influence or Inspiration: His father, Johnny Wilmington, was his greatest career influence. “From the time I was a child, he had my siblings and me working along side him in the family landscaping business. While my friends were off at the swimming pool enjoying the summer, I was in someone’s backyard, picking up tree limbs or mowing. As a child, I didn’t understand or enjoy this, but what I didn’t know was my father was giving me the blueprint for entrepreneurship and creating a strong work ethic in me. Even now, while my friends are asleep or at play, I am trying to figure out new ways to be inspired and financially independent.”


Inspirational Quote: “To be successful, you must be willing to do the things today that others won’t do in order to have the things tomorrow that others won’t have.” Les Brown

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