Jadon Turner

Jadon Turner


Project Manager

AliPro (Caterpillar Inc.)


Occupation: Though Jadon Turner’s employer is the staffing services company Alipro, he is contracted to work as a project manager for Caterpillar Inc. He is responsible for a variety of organizational tasks related to manufacturing Caterpillar engines, including managing timelines for production and maintaining communications with all parties to ensure projects are completed by deadlines. He’s the former coordinator of the Peoria Role Model Project.    


Community Involvement: Mr. Turner has volunteered with It Takes A Village.


Education: Attended Illinois Central College


Three things he’s passionate about: “Family, friends, mental health and bettering myself.”


Three favorite hobbies: Working out, cooking, playing video games


Career influence or inspiration: Mr. Turner’s mother, Stacey Clark, has had a major influence in his life and his grandfather, Devon Sydnor, has always been his father figure. His mother is a project manager also. He didn’t intend to follow her career path, but her experience has been helpful. He knows he can count on his grandfather for anything he needs, from discipline to exercise workouts.  


Inspirational quote: “Imagine how big you would dream if you knew that you couldn’t fail.”

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