Kendall Crayton

Kendall Crayton


Construction Project Manager

Givsco Construction Co.

Real Estate Investor


Occupation: Kendall Crayton has several occupation. Trained as an engineer, he is a construction project manager for Givsco Construction Co. His responsibilities include calculating estimates, purchasing building materials, and managing construction crews. Givsco has completed projects for military bases, colleges, museums and other facilities. Mr. Crayton is also a real estate investor who has rehabilitated properties throughout Peoria County.


Community Involvement: He volunteers with Heart of Illinois Big Brothers Big Sisters but he is also committed to helping others informally. Once a month, he buys and distributes food to people who are homeless. He also helps people create budgets to manage their money.


Education: Bachelor of science, mining and mineral resource engineering, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.


Three things he’s passionate about: “I’m passionate about helping people maximize their income. Also, I have a passion for bridging the gap between different groups of people. Every person is different. I believe it’s those differences that make us each unique. Lastly, I am passionate about providing great families with homes. That’s one of the reasons I began investing in real estate. With a roof over their head, families can release at least one burden and work for a better quality of life.”


Three favorite hobbies: “My first favorite hobby is traveling. I’ve been blessed to visit several countries in a short span of time. I plan to visit 100 countries before I die. Fishing is a close second. Not only is it exciting to make a big catch, it’s peaceful being out at sea on a boat. If nothing else, fishing teaches you patience. Lastly, I thoroughly enjoy watching documentaries.  Whenever I watch a documentary, I always learn more about something I had working knowledge of or I’m introduced to something I’ve never heard before.”


Career influence or inspiration: “My father and grandfather. I have always been influenced by my grandfather, Jerry Crayton, who had a vision of generational wealth for his family. He broke barriers and completed a list of firsts for the Crayton family. He is a philanthropist and invested in several properties in our city and even land overseas. He passed on knowledge to his son, my father Herman Crayton, who has continued to bring honor to the family name. My father served Peoria for decades as a captain for the Peoria Fire Department. After retirement, he continues to serve his community by way of volunteer efforts around the city and at our church home.”


Inspirational quote: “Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.” Peter McWillliams

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