LaColis Ashby Sr.

LaColis Ashby


Visual Communications Coordinator, Caterpillar Inc.

Owner/operator, Whiplash Photos and Design  


Occupation: As a visual communications coordinator at Caterpillar Inc., LaColis Ashby Sr. produces instructional videos on improving safety in the workplace. He is also a freelance photographer and designer with his own company, WhipLash Photos and Design LLC.


Community Involvement: Mr. Ashby has photographed events for many community organizations, including Product of the Project, Peoria River City Soul Fest, Bring That Beat Back Community Gathering, and May-I Community Father’s Day Bar-be-que. He has participated in Stop-the-Violence marches and created the Voices of Peoria Music Project.


Education: Bachelor of arts, visual communications, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; certification, Microsoft Office User Specialist, Illinois Central College  


Three things he’s passionate about: “My work, my family and bettering myself.”


Three favorite hobbies: Basketball, chess, and video games


Career influence or inspiration: He credits two friends, Alecia Collins and particularly Kelvin Parker, for their continuous guidance and motivation. “I started off doing a lot of stuff from the heart, but Kelvin pushed me to eventually create my own business and build my portfolio.”  


Inspirational quote: “Sometimes later becomes NEVER. Do it NOW."

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