Charlitha Foster

Charlitha Foster


General Manager, Dollar Tree


Occupation: Charlitha Foster is general manager of Dollar Tree. Her main responsibility is to maintain a clean, well-stocked store. This includes hiring and training staff, controlling inventory, and managing scheduling and payroll. She plans and executes store projects.


Community Involvement: Ms. Foster describes her community involvement in terms of everyday acts of kindness and motivation. “Helping people is my passion.” For example, in her former job as a manager at McDonald’s, she drove 50 miles to personally deliver two apple desserts to a customer who had been given the wrong order. She and the woman became friends, eventually supporting each other after they were both diagnosed with cancer. A cancer survivor, she used social media to motivate others diagnosed with cancer.   


Education: Graduate, Manual High School  


Three things she’s passionate about: God, helping others, and motivating people


Three favorite hobbies: Singing, listening to Gospel music, dancing


Career Influence or Inspiration: Ms. Foster, a resident of Peoria’s south side, says her experiences are needed at a store located in that area. She understands the customers and their needs, including their need for transportation, jobs, and shopping alternatives for essential items at affordable prices. “I knew I would be a good candidate for this job.”   


Inspirational quote: “No matter what your’e going through, you are not your circumstances. All you have to do is your best and let God handle the rest!”

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