Bridget Booker

Bridget Booker



Reign Construction


Occupation: Bridget Booker is founder and owner of Reign Construction, the first union ironwork contracting company in Illinois owned and operated by a Black woman. She is also the first Black journeywoman, or professional, ironworker in Ironworkers Local 112. Her company employs union ironworkers, operators and painters. Reign Construction has completed projects for the Minority Business Development Center, AMEREN, OSF Healthcare headquarters, and Peoria International Airport. It is one of the companies working on renovations of the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield.


Community Involvement: Ms. Booker’s mentoring and advocacy for women in the construction trades has had an impact beyond her immediate community. Her willingness to share her own story of miscarrying on the job played a role in the International Ironworkers’ decision to

create the first-ever maternity leave in construction. She is an ambassador for the Highway Construction Career Training Program, a member of the Greater Peoria Contractors and Suppliers Association’s Diversity Committee and a board member of Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service.   


Education: Graduate, Highway Construction Careers Training Program, Illinois Central College; union apprenticeship, Ironworkers Local 112


Three things she’s passionate about: “Youth, women, and people of diverse backgrounds looking for a hand-up, not a hand-out, to change their lives and the community we live in.”


Three favorite hobbies: Learning, quality family time, and reading


Career influence or inspiration: Motivational writers Les Brown and Napoleon Hill


Inspirational quote: “Life is not worth living if I’m not living out my dreams! It’s God’s Purpose to his Plan.”


“You are not what others think of you, you are who God designed you to be. Greatness is within you. Believe, even if no one else does.”

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