K.nyame Maison (Nana Ekow)

K.nyame Maison (Nana Ekow) is a Ghanaian American artist located in central Illinois. He is a fine artist who has shown nationwide, the Director of Fine Art at the Foster Gallery at FUMC Peoria, and a part-time instructor at Bradley University. His work reflects the accumulated impact of his West African origin.

Four Hundred Years; 1619 to 2019 is a year-long quest in search of a connection to the past to prepare for the future.

This painting relays the incalculable suffering of enslaved Africans due to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the loss suffered by continental Africans.

The artwork is multi-layered, necessitating significant thought when viewing the entire painting. Some visual symbolism tied to this tragic period emerges from the dot matrix of color. Enslaved Africans surface in the center of the piece, laying at the bottom of a ship. A lighthouse looms, which generally symbolizes hope, but how did the arriving Africans view it? The rooster indicates the passage of time. Brand marks are interspersed, revealing the fate of the arriving captives to America. A divine figure lays down an olive branch, which represents healing."

This painting, made from 2018 to 2019 in water-mixable oils and gold leaf on canvas, evokes a multitude of references, creating an atmosphere of mystery.

Maison Four Hundred Years