Sidewalk Café / Parklet Permits

A sidewalk café is a portion of a sidewalk used to provide additional seating for the adjacent business. The remaining sidewalk space must provide adequate accessibility. A commercial parklet is an extension of the sidewalk into an existing on-street parking space, which provides more space and amenities for retail food establishments.

Completed commercial parklet and sidewalk cafe applications may be submitted via mail, email, or in person to the Public Works Department. Applicants may apply for either or both a commercial parklet and sidewalk café. Permits must be applied for, and issued, every year. The open call for applications begins January 15. Applicants intending to serve food must have a valid food license. Applicants intending to serve alcohol must have a valid liquor license pursuant to Chapter 3 of the Municipal Code of the City of Peoria. Sidewalk café permits are free of charge and valid March 1 to December 1. Commercial parklet permits are $350 per space for unmetered spaces and $1,450 per space for metered spaces (maximum 2 spaces) and valid April 1 to November 15.

To apply for a sidewalk café or commercial parklet, download an application packet (PDF).