Honorary Street Signs

The Honorary Street Name Sign Program allows community members the opportunity to honor people who have made significant contributions to the community. Honorary Street Name Signs will be displayed for a one-year period, then the sign will then be turned over to the applicant. Street designations will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The portion of a street so designated will be one block long. Final approval is given by the Director of Public Works. A completed application, plus a fee of $300 must be submitted prior to approval.

Honorary Sign Application

Required Submittals

Please submit a completed application along with the following:

  • A typed request stating the designee and preferred location shall be received by the District Councilperson and recommended to the Director of Public Works. The statement should indicate why a particular section of the street has been requested for the honorary designation.
  • A general location shall be limited to a single point or short segment with sign(s) posted at the point or near mid-block.
  • Payment of the $300 fee for each installation is to be made to the Public Works Department prior to the fabrication and installation of sign(s). The $300 fee is for a 2-faced sign on one side of the street.
  • A $600 fee is for two 1-faced signs, one on each side of the street, or for two 2-faced signs mounted at two separate locations.


  • Legend shall be silver lettering on blue background.
  • Sign(s) will be installed by City crews and shall remain in place for a period of 12 months.
  • Upon removal by City crews, the sign(s) will be given to the District Councilperson and donated to the designee's family.
  • Maintenance of the sign installation and/or replacement of the various materials shall be at the expense of the donator. Failure to cover the cost of the maintenance or replacement material(s) will cause the sign installation to be removed immediately.

Honorary LaVetta Ricca Place Sign

Honorary Royce Elliott Place Sign

Honorary Bruce Saurs Way Sign