Mayor's Youth 

About the Program

Program ParticipantsThis eight-week summer program provides opportunities for Peoria area youth to gain Public Service exposure through meaningful interaction with numerous city of Peoria Departments, operations, community organizations, and projects. The program provides educational opportunities for students to learn about the local economy and the various services and functions offered by their local government. The work and mentorship program also exposes students to different career paths and fosters civic engagement through meaningful debate and round table discussions.

What Participants Do

Program Participants 2Over the course of the program, Peoria area youth assist in infrastructure improvements, beautification and clean-up projects throughout the City. They develop life skills, attend learning workshops, career pathway lectures and business tours.

The home base for the program, training, equipment and transportation is coordinated by the Peoria Public Works Department.

Program Requirements

Applicants must be ages 16 to 18 years old and be enrolled as a high school junior or senior at the time of their application to the program. Additionally, candidates need a reference from an adult (not a relative) who is familiar with their character, work and/or volunteer activities, extracurricular activities, school performance, etc.

Program Participants 3Participants are treated as employees and therefore must report to work on time and dress appropriately for various labor-intense jobs. Candidates must be able to follow instructions, think clearly, speak and maintain effective working relationships with other team members and carry themselves in a respectful manner.

Learn more about the program requirements and how to apply: Mayor's Youth Program - 2021 Job Posting (PDF)

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