The city of Peoria provides recycling, yard waste, and trash services to all households in single-family, duplex, triplex, and quadplex units.

Each address can receive up to two GFL recycling carts and one City of Peoria trash cart.

Collection Fees

The collection fees are part of the annual tax statement as follows (per unit, per month) and include recycling, yard waste, and trash services. The total annual charge for waste collection services is on your tax bill as a "Garbage Fee."

YearAnnual Fee - Single-FamilyAnnual Fee - DuplexAnnual Fee - TriplexAnnual Fee - QuadplexAnnual Fee - Condominium
2024 and Beyond$300$600$900$1,200$132

Dispute Form

Do you think your fee is incorrect on your tax bill? Is the number of units billed incorrectly? Visit Solid Waste Bill Dispute and fill out the form. City staff will review your question and contact you.