Demolition 30-Day Delay List

City of Peoria code requires a 30 day public notice period for all demolitions before the structure is torn down. A red "Demolition Notice" placard is posted at the front of the property. All addresses on this list are scheduled to be demolished on or after the date listed. 

There is no 30 day notice for emergency demolitions.

Demolition Alternatives

Private Demolitions

Contact the owner or representative listed next to each address. 

City Sponsored Demolitions

If no owner is listed, the property is owned by the City of Peoria. Contact the City of Peoria Land Bank at 309-494-8622. 

Demolition Permit

Visit our Permits Page to apply for a demolition permit. 

  1. February 26, 2023

1318 W Howett St - Advance Demolition (309) 648-4404 

  1. February 16, 2023
  1. november 10, 2022
  1. October 21, 2022
  1. October 2, 2022
  1. September 8, 2022