Side Lot Program

The City of Peoria Side Lot Program helps property owners purchase small, city-owned vacant lots next to their homes.  Anyone who owns a property that touches a City of Peoria-owned lot may apply.  All city-owned lots can be viewed at the Land Bank Lot Map.

This program boosts property values and decreases the burden on the City of Peoria to take care of these small vacant lots. This means more money and resources can be put towards other City services.  

Call the Land Bank Manager at (309) 494-8622 to purchase a side lot.  

What Is a Side Lot?

A side lot is a vacant lot currently owned by the City of Peoria that touches private property. A side lot must directly touch private property to be eligible under this program. A city-owned lot that is across the street or across the alley from private property is not eligible.   


  • Vacant lot must be owned by the City of Peoria
  • Buyer must be current on property taxes and cannot owe the City any money 
  • Buyer cannot have an environmental case or a housing court judgment in the past 3 years 

Side Lot Forms and Links